IMG_4163_JohnCrawfordThe Veterans Service Group will function as a platform for Veterans to continue their service to the Native American Community of Missoula, MT in a respectful, positive and culturally aware environment.

My Name is John Crawford, I am the Bravo 2015 Class Mission Continues Fellow here at the Missoula Urban Indian Health Center. I am Blackfeet/Dakota from Browning, MT with family in Brockton MT. I Served with the Montana Army National Guard for 21 Years. I was deployed with the 1/163rd INF BN in support of OIF III 2004-2005 as an Emergency Treatment NCO in a Battalion Aid Station (BAS).

When I returned to the community in 2012 I wanted to serve the Native American Community again. I attended a Veterans Meeting at the Missoula Urban Indian Health Center in December 2014. During this meeting the previous Mission Continues Fellow Kim Kessay Dixon introduced me to this opportunity to serve.

What is Mission Continues?

Mission Continues is a nationwide veterans service organization for post 9/11 Veterans to “Service the community in new ways.” A fellow ship is 20 hours a week , 6 month opportunity to serve with any Non-profit in the community. Once the “host organization” and the potential fellow agreed on specific service goals, a Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) is submitted to the Mission Continues organization and upon selection the “reporting for duty ” begins. If you any questions, you can contact me, John Crawford at the Missoula Urban Indian Health Center. 829-9515 or check out the website.