Our Chemical Dependency Program is designed to provide services for individuals who have problems associated with substance abuse or dependency. It is our treatment philosophy that chemical dependency is a disease that not only impacts individuals, but also families and entire communities. Our goal is to reach as much of our Native community as possible and restore health and wellness to those affected by addiction. The program at the Missoula Urban Indian Health Center is open to individuals of non-Native descent as well.

Our Tobacco Use Prevention Program is funded by the State of Montana to educate American Indians on the dangers of using commercial tobacco. Our Tobacco Prevention Coordinator offers one-on-one appointments to assess your needs and the options available to quit commercial tobacco use. A clinical pharmacist is also available for tobacco cessation counseling.

We also offer youth substance abuse prevention programs such as: Tobacco Education Series in Missoula Public Schools, Red Ribbon Week, Kick Butts Day, Clean Indoor Air Act tailgate, and Gathering of Native Americans. Our Tobacco Prevention Coordinator also organizes the Native Youth Council that is critical in substance abuse prevention in our community. This group helps to enhance culture, academics, and identity by creating a collective voice to empower Native youth.