Theatre One:

9:30am Doors open: Food, art, and music

10:00am Reclaiming Our Sacred Tobacco (27 min)

10:30am Navajo Math Circles (1 hr)

11:30am Panel

12:00pm Local shorts and presenter panel

1:30pm-3:00pm Missoula Art Museum (MAM) Indigenous Art Tour and Meet the Artists

3:30pm  We Breath Again (57 min)

5:00pm Indian Horse (1 hr 40 min)

7:00pm Panel

8:00pm Before the Streets (1 hr 35 min)

9:30pm Panel


Theatre Two:

10:00am Rumble: The Indians that Rocked the World (1 hr 45 min)

3:30pm What was Ours (1 hr 14 min)

5:00pm The Love of the Game (45 min)


Links to Trailers or Info


Reclaiming Sacred Tobacco

Rumble: Indians Who Rocked The World

Navajo Math Circles

We Breathe Again

What Was Ours

Indian Horse

The Love Of The Game

Before The Streets