Transportation Services

MUIHC offers local and out-of-town transportation services to clients that meet eligibility criteria. You can schedule with our Transportation Specialist at the front desk of the Center. 

Local in-town transportation

  • Limited to Missoula City limits only. MUIHC will not provide transportation for pick-up/drop-off outside of Missoula City limits.

  • In-town transportation will be provided for health and/or chemical dependency appointments and prescription pick-up.

Out-of-town Tribal Health & Human Services (THHS)-St. Ignatius and Arlee transport

  • Transport to nearest IHS facility for health and/or chemical dependency services at THHS-St. Ignatius or Arlee Clinic. MUIHC will not transport clients beyond THHS-St. Ignatius.

Any person receiving transportation services agrees to adhere to all applicable MUIHC Transportation Services Rules and Policies.

Transportation services may be provided outside of MUIHC business hours for approved MUIHC activities only. Transportation services for clients are not available on holidays observed by MUIHC.

Please keep in mind that the transportation schedule is subject to change to accommodate MUIHC community activities and events. If you have any questions please contact us at 406.829.9515