Run time: 34 min

Rating:  N/A

Year it came out:  N/A

Director:  Kyla Eastman



My name is Belinda Bullshoe, Im from the Blackfeet Tribe of Browning Mt. Im married to Rod Bullshoe of Browning and have a son of 17 yrs old named Merlin. I began my sewing in 2013 first trying a scarf then a baby car seat cover. It was hard at first not knowing if I can sew, but I took the challenge and accomplished a lot of creations. However my biggest creation was sewing a dress that I dedicated to my grandmother Mary Morgan who passed away in 2009 at the age of 93. My grandmother was a well known beader and quilt maker she beaded wallets, keychains and also made Moccasins for the Plains Museum. At a young age she taught me how to sew something I value very much. Each dress I create I’ve dedicated to her. My grandmother was my teacher, when people ask where is my diploma. I tell them my dresses are my diploma and my grandmother was my teacher, I cannot get a better teacher then my grandmother. People are amazed at how long I’ve been sewing and how far I have come. On Feb-10-2017 I was the first Native American to open up a major Fashion Show in New York, a true endeavor I feel blessed with. I Also have had the opportunity to travel to Paris in Sept-2017. These major trips earned me the title as a Native American International Designer. Since I began my journey in fashion design, I have been on 26 runways. I thank my family and Friends near and far who supported me in my dreams. I would like to thank my husband the most as he has been there in every step of my journey to share my highlights. I always say “If You have a Dream, go after it no one knows better than you do, when you reached your dreams”.

Belinda Bullshoe