Behavioral Health Program

Missoula Urban Indian Health Center is a state certified outpatient treatment facility with a sliding fee schedule.

The Behavioral Health Program is designed to provide services for individuals who have problems associated with chemical abuse or chemical dependency.

The Center’s treatment philosophy is that Chemcial Dependency is a disease that not only impacts individuals, but also, families and whole communities.

Standard Outpatient Component

A minimum of 1 hour of individual/group counseling a week

Intensive Outpatient Component

10 hours of individual/group counseling a week

Minors in Possession

12 hours of prevention education per session

Prevention and Cultural Component

Alcohol and Substance Abuse Program Prevention services for children and adolescents. (ASAP) Support for Youth Prevention

Chemical Dependency Evaluations/Assessments

Information and Referral Services

Residential in-patient treatment and other human services as appropriate

Mental Health Program

  • Case Management
  • Individual Therapy Referral


Phone-Help & Health Lines

24 Hour Crisis Intervention Hotline – 240-3955

Suicide Prevention, please call: 1-800-273-8255

Alcohol or Substance Abuse, please call: 1-888-607-2000

Domestic Violence help, please call: 1-800-483-7858, for the 24-hour crisis line.

Child & Family Service related issues, please call: 1-866-820-5437, to report possible child abuse or neglect.

Adult Protective Service related issues, please call: 1-800-551-3191